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    Scorpion Glossary of Terms

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    Scorpion Glossary of Terms

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    Aculeus - the actual hypodermic needle-like singer on the Telson.
    Arborial - living on trees and other large plants. Centruroides species tend to be arborial.

    Book lung - a simple type of lung found in spiders and scorpions. Easily seen on the underside of both

    Carapace- hardened plate the covers the prosoma dorsally (the head)
    Cephalothorax (or Prosoma) otherwise known as the head, this are where the eyes are located.
    Chela- The claw of a scorpion. Including the Tibia and Tarsus.
    Chelicera (pl., chelicerae) the little claw-like mouthparts of a scorpion.

    Diurnal - active during the daylight hours.

    Ecdysis - the process of molting, or shedding the exoskeleton.
    Exoskeleton - the skelton or supporting structure on the outside of an arthropod's body.
    Exuviae - the cast (shed) exoskeleton of an arthropod.

    Forceps - a tool for picking up small insect or arachnid specimens; tweezers.

    Gravid - pregnant

    Instar - the stage of an insect between successive molts; for example, the first instar is the stage between birthing and the first molt.

    Lateral Eyes- usually paired, scorpions have 0-5 total Lateral Eyes found on the front edge of the carapace.

    Medial Eyes- the pair of eyes found on the dorsal (top) of the carapace.
    Mesosoma - the body. Part of the Abdomen, has seven separate segments.
    Metasoma - the tail. Part of the Abdomen, has five connected segments.

    Nocturnal - active at night.

    Obligate Burrower - These scorpions are compelled to burrow. Hadrurus and Opistopthalmus speecies are examples of Obligate Burrowers.
    Opportunistic Burrower - These scorpions will often take over burrows left by other animals, or in small hides under rocks, tree roots, etc. Most Parabuthids are Opportunistic Burrowers.

    Parthenogenesis - the ability to produce fertile eggs without male involvement.
    Pectine - a "V"-shaped comb-like appendage on the abdomen of a scorpion that has sensory functions.
    Pinheads - Very small crickets. Perfect for feeding small 2nd instar scorpions

    Seta (pl., setae) an external bristle, or stout hair.
    Stridulate - to make sound by rubbing two body parts together.
    Substrate - ground material (sand, soil, etc).

    Tarsus- Movable "finger" of the chela. Also the 7th segment of each leg.
    Telson - the final segment of the metasoma. contains the venom glands and Aculeus.
    Tibia- The Fixed finger of the chela, sometimes refered to as the manus. Also the 5th leg segment.

    Vesicle- Bulbous part of telson which houses venom glands.

    Feel Free to ADD more terms

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