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    The Minutes...


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    The Minutes...

    Post by zelighozar on Tue Sep 29, 2009 12:48 am

    Minutes of every meeting will be posted here for everybody to be aware and be updated.

    this thread is for any concern, please do PM me or kindly post it in planning and discussion...

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    September 27, 2009 Meeting

    Post by zelighozar on Tue Sep 29, 2009 1:33 am

    Venue: Pump 2, Mango Avenue
    Time: 1:00pm

    Members who attended the Meeting:

    Arion Leith

    I. The Current Issue

    The members have discussed and clarrified the issues concerning the Magtv incident. Everybody explained their
    side, listened, and considered each explaination. After, we decided to close the issue and proceed to our next agenda.

    II. The Election of Officers

    Since the proposal had been suggested, We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having a formal set of officers to govern the society. SEC registration were tackled in this discussion. To resolve this issue and to be fair with everybody, We decided to make a poll or votation thread for all the members to participate. The period of votation will be due in 30 days. See thread:...

    III. The Membership

    We tackled the issue on active and inactive members. As a basis of our Filtering Plan, we tried to see and asked this question."What is an active member?" ..The group is still on process how to come up with the best decision as a punishment. Whether to ban or permanently out the members who are inactive. This means they're back to Zero(0), and apply again for membership. List will be posted later.

    Also it has been added and reviewed the membership requirements. In order to control the membership We come up
    with the decision.

    1. We will no longer invite people to join the society. Instead, let them come to us. this is to see who is really into this hobby.

    2. No inverts, No entry..

    3. Applicants should at least attend two(2) CAS gatherings.

    Other things to be added on the next meeting...

    IV. The Upcoming Activities..

    1. October Pets : somewhere this October: (Still waiting for the invitation)
    2. Paref Southcrest School Exhibit: November: still to be discussed on our next meeting..
    3. CAS Outing/Xmas Party: On process..Smile
    4. Others....

    Meeting ended at 5:10 pm..

    punko2x session...the foodtrip...Smile

    If i missed something kindly pm me to be added here...

    thank you...

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    November 29, 2009 meeting

    Post by zelighozar on Mon Nov 30, 2009 12:12 am

    VENUE : Pump 2
    Time Started: 1:30 pm
    Time Ended: 4:pm

    1. Zelighozar
    2. Jun - Jun
    3. Trex
    4. John 1G Spoinky
    5. Kencarlkey The Muscleman
    6. Fire Starter
    7. The Late Anarkista
    8. Lawrence Da Gangster
    9. Dee Jay Bax
    10. Vhalong
    11. Alfredandrewtan
    12. Pakoy1983
    13. Azland

    Minutes of the meeting:

    - SEC forms/bylaws available for sale at SEC office. (c/o Anarkista)
    > 500 pesos, form and bylaws payment
    > Processing fee to be determined
    > Acting officers will be used katong gi assign pag last)
    > More details to come after when anarkista can talk to his contact
    - Treasurer duties is assigned to Azland
    > In order to prevent and avoid Money Conflicts in our organization
    receiving and releasing of funds must be approved by a 3 man panel.
    > The Panel consists of Azland, Trex and Anrdrew.
    - All CAS sellers must put Cebu Arachnida Society Logo on their buy and sell adds in any forum

    - Christmass Party
    DATE: Dec 13, 2009 Sunday
    Time: Assembly Time is 12 - 2pm, Party officialy Starts at 2pm till the sun goes down until it goes up again

    Suggested Place: Pakoy's Place - Marteres, Cebu City
    Fire Starter's Place - Mandaue City
    more Suggestions are welcome
    Contribution for food and drinks - 200 per head
    Food committee will be assigned sa host sa venue.

    Planned Programs for the Christmas Party
    -RAFFLE DRAW (Inverts Hobby Related)
    -Heart to Heart Talk Hosted by Azland and Bax (boy and kris)
    -Mini Exhibit (bring your best inverts)
    -Meeting for 2010 plans
    -More Suggestions are welcome

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