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    minutes of the meeting - 11/29/09

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    minutes of the meeting - 11/29/09

    Post by Fire Starter on Sun Nov 29, 2009 12:35 pm

    1. Zelighozar
    2. Jun - Jun
    3. Trex
    4. John 1G Spoinky
    5. Kencarlkey The Muscleman
    6. Fire Starter
    7. The Late Anarkista
    8. Lawrence Da Gangster
    9. Dee Jay Bax
    10. Vhalong
    11. Alfredandrewtan
    12. Pakoy1983
    13. Azland

    Minutes of the meeting:

    - SEC forms/bylaws available for sale at SEC office. (c/o Anarkista)
    > 500 pesos, form and bylaws payment
    > Processing fee to be determined
    > Acting officers will be used katong gi assign pag last)
    > More details to come after when anarkista can talk to his contact
    - Treasurer duties is assigned to Azland
    > In order to prevent and avoid Money Conflicts in our organization
    receiving and releasing of funds must be approved by a 3 man panel.
    > The Panel consists of Azland, Trex and Anrdrew.
    - All CAS sellers must put Cebu Arachnida Society Logo on their buy and sell adds in any forum

    - Christmass Party
    DATE: Dec 13, 2009 Sunday
    Time: Assembly Time is 12 - 2pm, Party officialy Starts at 2pm till the sun goes down until it goes up again

    Suggested Place: Pakoy's Place - Marteres, Cebu City
    Fire Starter's Place - Mandaue City
    more Suggestions are welcome
    Contribution for food and drinks - 200 per head
    Food committee will be assigned sa host sa venue.

    Planned Programs for the Christmas Party
    -RAFFLE DRAW (Inverts Hobby Related)
    -Heart to Heart Talk Hosted by Azland and Bax (boy and kris)
    -Mini Exhibit (bring your best inverts)
    -Meeting for 2010 plans
    -More Suggestions are welcome

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