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    April 2011: Azland

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    April 2011: Azland

    Post by azland on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:17 am

    Istorya name: Azland
    Real name: Emmanuel Claud R. Troncao
    Nickname: Opao, M, em, trongcao, manuel (but most of the people call me M, em,
    and opao.
    location: mandaue

    Me as a Hobbyist:

    I first became a fish lover, started when I was on my 4 Grade at lahug, I won a Black Moore at that time, kept it in a little jar of mayonaise. At first it was just for keeps as a souvenir for my first winning prize on my childhood years. Soon after I became hook with the little fish so I began exploring the world of pet keeping. As the years past by keeping aquatic animals kept growing and growing. From Goldfish, Carp, lyres, pearl scale etc. it kept coming and coming learned a lot from that old man that I kept buying and winning his priceless little fishies.

    When I came on my Highschool years being a pet keeper was exciting, I was fund at many types of fish and it kept growing until I found myself keeping some cychlids, fresh water catfish, barbs, hi-fin lyres, etc. Grandma wasn’t able to stop me from buying everyone of them until she gave up and help with my little hobby. They’re were friends and classmates teach me how to keep them properly because I kept asking them the how and why questions.

    Then when I got on college I slow things abit with the fish keeping since I seldomly do the maintenance and caring for them, I gave that responsibility to my younger brother who found himself amazed about what I kept in my room and outside the house. Then I endulge myself to a new found hobby, “dogs”.

    I had my first dog way back on my first years of college. Again grandma wasn’t happy about it b’coz It was too much responsibility to have one. But still I insist with the help of my younger brother and aunt who had the likings of the dog, got four of them from a stray dog. Name them each, Samarah, Fatsou, and the two I forgot coz I gave them away to my sister who was living out of the family with her husband. A few months later fatsou died in a PUJ accident, hit and run. He was a large local dog very mean yet so calm, he always greet me whenever I came home from school along with Samarah ofcourse. Sooner than that came Azumi (a crossbreed beagle and labrador) and Aning (a cross breed Dobe and local dog). Until now they still live barking they’re way throu life.

    About me and the world of Arachnids:

    I become an interest on Arachnids way back on the year 2001, I was very fascinated about this creatures even though the risk is high. Since then I became an addict even if I haven’t had one single sling of it. Year 2006 came I started to hear rumors about one guy who is selling a tarantula in cebu. So I started to look for that person on the net, so I came across to the site which all of us came PPF, I was just browsing and browsing until I came up to this guy ( gilbz ) which I googled and found his name on, it took me two years to decide to have one. Because I was in doubt that a tarantula was for sale in cebu.

    So I inflicted my enthusiasm and eagerness to pakoy and he got the same idea as I did. So I bought that first sling to gilbz. Thanks to him he introduces me to this hobby and that’s how it all begans.

    They call me the go to guy, I’m that guy that doesn’t stay in one place “laagan”, Silent type,
    careless, bold adventurer..

    My Tarantulas

    0.1.0 Avicularia Aurantiaca (Yellow banded) mature female
    1.1.0 Avicularia Minatrix (Red Stripe) 3”, 3.5” Juveniles
    0.1.1 Avicularia Metallica
    ( Metallic Pinktoe ) 3.5”, 1.5”
    0.1.0 Acanthoscuria brocklehursti (Giant Black and white) 4.5"sub-adult
    0.0.1 Brachypelma Auratum (Mexican Flame knee ) 3” possible male juvinile
    0.0.2 Brachyplema Albopilosum
    (Curly hair) 1” slings
    1.1.5 Brachyplema Boehmei (Mexican Fireleg) 4”possible female, 4” possible male
    1.0.1 B.Emilia
    (Mexican Red leg) 1 Mature Male and 1.5” possible female
    0.1.0 Brachypelma Klaasi (Mexican Pink )3.5"
    0.3.0 Brachypelma Smithi
    (Mexican Red Knee) 4.5", 5", 5.5"
    0.1.0 Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
    ( Green Bottle blue ) female 5.5”
    1.0.0 Grammostula Pulchripes
    ( Golden Knee ) mature male
    0.1.3 Grammostula Rosea
    (Rosea rcf) Mature 5.5", 1.5”
    0.0.2 Heteroscodra Maculata
    ( Togo Starburst ) 2”, 3”
    1.0.0 Lasiodora Parahybana
    ( Salmon pink Birdeater)
    0.2.0 Nhandu Coloratovillosus
    ( sub-adult) Females 4.5”, 5.5”
    2.0.0 Psalmopeous Cambridge
    ( Trinidad Chevron ) sub-adult possible males 3.5”
    0.1.0 Psalmopoeus pulcher
    ( Mature Female ) 5.5”
    Psalmopoeus Reduncus ( Orange mouth ) 1.5”, 2.3”

    I kept them in a room temperature. Small shoe rack with salad cups on each footing, with engine oil serve as an ant proof..


    For my adult terrestrial tarantulas I mist them once a week.
    Twice a week for arboreal adults.
    Every after 5 days for slings.

    Adults and juviniles are kept with water-dish filling filling them whenever they dried out. for slings misting is essential specially to those who need high amounts of misting, but some aren't.

    I fed them various types of feeders, B.lateralis, B.Dubia, Labster roach sometimes hissing roach which are old and dying. Every roach colony that i have for they're diet are chicken pellets, fruits like oranges, peers, apple, veges like carrots, cabbage but most of the time i feed them with chicken pellets due to heavy expense on the fruit and veges. water system i use water gel.

    I guess that's about it. Hope you like my little experience in the animal hobby.

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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by shiote on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:25 am

    omg idola master azland oi! daghana!
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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by Trex on Mon Jun 06, 2011 6:50 am

    yeah I reili-reli like this....
    how about your socialize life....hehehe

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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by ianparulan on Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:27 pm

    long live azland.. sosyalan..!!
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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by azland on Tue Jun 07, 2011 8:18 am

    aw sir trex wala na na labot sa hobby world... hehehehe!!! lain na. maka hilak nya mo ug drift woods. lisod nah..

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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by makoygaara on Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:22 am

    Azland unsa nga brand ang gamit nimo nga water crystals? Crystal Soil ako gamit kay mao ra ang available diri Davao. So far ayos raman ako roaches.

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    Re: April 2011: Azland

    Post by jemzkrux on Fri Aug 05, 2011 3:05 am


    nice write up master~

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    Re: April 2011: Azland

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