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    How to become a CAS member

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    How to become a CAS member

    Post by azland on Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:51 pm

    How to join and be accepted:

    1. Attend meetings. This includes CAS exhibits, EXPOS, etc
    2. Introduce yourself. Meet the menbers. And, Give us the chance to know you better as a hobbyist .
    3. the individual will be Evaluated within the year, if he/she is appropriate/qualified to join CAS.

    • if not accepted, his/her account will not be able to access some forums/sub forums in the site.

    Becoming an Official CAS member:

    1. He/she must have a pet Invertebrates of any kind ( Tarantula/Scorpion )

    2. He/she must attend meetings every month.
    3. Must be a quality hobbyist. ( not a for "fun type" )
    4. Must share care sheets based on experiences in keeping arachnids.
    5. A maximum of twenty (20) pesos contribution every meeting will be collected for FUNDS to be used in every activity, expenses, and project of the group. Forum members are excluded.

    6. You must be atleast 18 years old to join CAS.
    7. Accepted members/users will be activated in the CAS forum/site.

    Failure to attend meetings must do the following: (for Official CAS members)

    1. must contact one of the members for reason of absence.

    2. failure to attend a meeting will face the fine of double the amount of contribution.

    3. if an individual is not present for several weeks without any notice. he/she will be deactivated at the CAS forum/site. corresponding penalties will take effect immediately.reminders:

    New comers in our site, we have opened our site to the public to help those people that are new to the hobby. helping/guide them on how to take care of there tarantulas and scorpions,. we are not accepting members as of the moment, but if we do, we have certain rules/ guidelines to follow to become one of CAS..

    People who registered and being activated on our site are just members in our forum not members in the society. just want to be straight forward and to be clear on this. CAS is not responsible on whatever you do.

    We just want to be strict on this one, people are just trying to join our society/site just to become known and part of it. if we see members that are really acceptable then we will accept them as a real member of CAS. we don't accept people by all means of quantity but by quality. hope you understand...

    since the previous files about the Rules and Guidelines, do's and don't.. etc. was delete, i'll try to look up on that and i'll be posting it soon. have to look and find it on my archives..

    hope everybody is well
    god bless..

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