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Good day to all another one fine day to us here in Philippines.. better watchout for that sudden temp change.

    Cebu Arachnida Society

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    Cebu Arachnida Society Empty Cebu Arachnida Society

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    Cebu Arachnida Society Cas_lo13

    The CAS, established in 2009, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering education about tarantulas and other arachnids. A cooperative effort, our membership includes everyone from professional men and women of all ages. The common threads that bind us together are an interest in tarantulas, scorpions, and other arachnids and that we either need help from others, or have some to share. Here you'll find people you can talk with about your common interests and concerns.
    The Cebu Arachnida Society aims to promote interest in the ecology, behaviour and taxonomy of arachnids in the Philippines especially in the Visayan region.

    The Cebu Arachnida Society Primary Aim..
    • To raise the public awareness of native Philippine tarantulas, scorpions and other arachnids in the area.
    • To circulate up to date and correct information about Philippine tarantulas, scorpions and other arachnids including identification, captive care, basic ecology, in order to eliminate common misconceptions.
    • To encourage the breeding and sale of captive-bred tarantulas as opposed to wild-harvested tarantulas.
    • To provide a focal point for the sharing of information, knowledge and experiences between breeders and keepers of Philippine tarantulas, scorpions and other arachnids.
    • To support and work in conjunction with professional Arachnologists and academic institutions.

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