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Good day to all another one fine day to us here in Philippines.. better watchout for that sudden temp change.

    My Scorpion Log


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    My Scorpion Log Empty My Scorpion Log

    Post by jemzkrux Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:48 am


    I'll have to start Log my scorpions and keep them up to date by using this thread tool. My first log was a devastation due to PC problem.


    The date would be:

    Sept. 25 2011


    0.1.0 7i Heterometrus Longimanus [Succubi]
    0.0.3 2i Heterometrus Longimanus [Brena][Magdalena][Judith]
    0.0.1 2i Heterometrus Laoticus
    0.0.1 4i Heterometrus Spinifer
    0.0.1 5i Androctonus Australis
    0.0.1 4i Androctonus Bicolor
    0.0.1 4i Parabuthus Traansvaalicus
    0.0.1 ?i Mesobuthus Martensii
    0.0.2 3i Lychas Mucronatus
    0.0.1 4i Lychas Mucronatus

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