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    November 2010: Maurus palmatus

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    Isareli Gold Scorpion (Scorpio Maurus Palmatus)

    Post by After3Days on Sun Nov 28, 2010 10:11 am

    Scorpion of the month: By the month of November
    Scorpio Maurus Palmatus (Israeli Gold Scorpion)

    Kingdom: Animalia
    Phylum: Arthropoda
    Subphylum: Chelicerata
    Class: Arachnida
    Subclass: Dromopoda
    Order: Scorpiones
    Suborder: Neoscorpiones
    Family: Scorpionidae
    Subfamily: Scorpioninae
    Genus: Scorpio
    Species: Scorpio Maurus Palmatus

    Regions Found: North Africa and the Middle East
    Class: Desert-dwelling burrower
    Longevity: unknown
    Adult Size: 2 - 3.5 inches
    Temperament: Unpredictable temperament
    Claws:Strong pedipalps
    Sting Potency: Not lethal to humans - mild stinging sensation

    Scorpio maurus Housing Requirements

    Scorpion Housing: Minimum 3 gallon glass tank with 4 inches of sand
    Temperature range: 75 - 90F
    Humidity range: 55%

    Special Requirements: Suitable in groups.

    Scorpio maurus Breeding
    Breeding Difficulty: Easy
    Birth Size: unknown
    Danger to Male:

    They are a quick moving, chunky, small to mid-sized scorpion, 5-8.9 cm in length and has a shiny, straw yellow or golden yellow body and legs with dark tips on its large pedipalps. The short, roundish pincers somewhat resemble boxing gloves.


    Although their venom is considered mild, it varies considerably amongst the subspecies. A sting is quite painful, and some produce more severe symptoms than others. Temperament also varies. Certain specimens will readily ssting if confronted, but all will grab at the annoyance with their pincers. Because of their disposition and the pain associated with a sting, novices should avoid Gold Scorpions.

    An insect based diet will provide this scorpion with the nutrients it needs.

    Gold Scorpons burrow in darky sandy sils in rocky areas, with hundreds of these burrows being found in a small section of ideal habitat. ith proper substrate and adequate food, a group of sx t eight can be successfully kept in a 10-gallon aquarium that has been set up as a terrarium. Several small flat rocks placed about the surface will enable each scorpion to build its own hiding spot. Tunnel entrances are usually built alongside a rock.

    One of the most common reasons for the death in scorpions is the moult. The scorpion has a tough outer covering, a cuticle, that forms a rigid exoskeleton. All scorpions must shed their old exoskeleton and secrete a new one in order to grow, this is called the moult. Scorpions will moult from 6 to 10 times during their lifetime. This moulting process takes a lot of energy and they are very vulnerable for a couple of days after the moult until their new skin hardens. For about 24 hours prior to moulting it is not unusual for a scorpion to get quite sluggish. A difficult moult can result in lost or deformed limbs, or death. This is thought to be related to humidity levels. There can be either too much humidity or too little, depending on the species. In captivity a lot of immature scorpions die during the moulting process.

    Other problems:
    Though many scorpions can go for long periods of time without eating, overfeeding can cause an overly swollen stomach as well as the loss of appetite, and even death. The stomach can be slightly swollen from regular eating, and this is not a problem. Another problem can be an infestation of Mites. Uneaten food can attract mites, which are very dangerous and stressful to scorpions. Be sure to remove old food.

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    Re: November 2010: Maurus palmatus

    Post by jemzkrux on Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:07 am

    nice 1! one of my favorites hehehe
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    November 2010: Maurus palmatus

    Post by Trex on Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:00 am

    like this scorpion. ...wud be nice to have one also......hehe

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    Re: November 2010: Maurus palmatus

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